You are more than the sum of your parts.

Just because you birthed a kid (or two, or three, well, you get the idea), doesn't make you just a mom.  And just because you're on the way up in your career doesn't make you just the CFO.  You're not just the cook or wife at home.  

We're moms--we're multi-faceted and complicated, and soooo not one-dimensional.

For me, though, mommy-ing took over my entire identity.  I had to remember that I'm also a daughter, a wife, a friend, a colleague, a teammate.  And I realized there are other parts of me too--the parts that dream of more freedom to live my life on my own terms, to work on myself and to show my kids it's possible to love what they do.  For a while those parts got buried deep down under the busyness of deadlines, work, dinners, practices, games, and homework. 

Perhaps you're a mom with dreams too.  Maybe you want to be the best damn salesperson in your department.  Or you want to snag that corner office promotion.  Maybe you want to quit your corporate job to freelance online.  Sometimes your dreams scare you but you keep them under wraps because no one around you gets it. 

When I was working at the most soul-sucking corporate job imaginable, I would constantly talk about quitting and doing something I actually liked.  I would get blank looks from everyone around me.  How I could afford to give up my salary?  Why would I want to leave a stable job?  Those people didn't get it.

Well, guess what?  You're in the right place.  Because I get it.  I unearthed those hidden parts of me and you can too.

It's ok to have big dreams.  But you know what's not ok?  Just dreaming and not doing anything about it.  But you're in luck.  Since my superpower is teaching real, everyday moms, like you and me how to be their best selves, I can help you create your roadmap and support you on your path.

So, to you, my online friend, I say this:  do something today to get one step closer to your dreams.


Let me help you take that next step right here and right now.  Start with some of our best (and free) resources below:

Parent Remix The New You Workbook

Let's keep it real:  you have to know what you want and why you want it.  It's the first step.  Get our beautiful 14-page workbook with 50 Self-Awareness questions to get clear on your goals and dreams to begin your roadmap to achieve them!

Parent Remix Video Series Graphic Lead magnet.png

What's holding you back?  I bet it's something I tackle in this video.  Find strategies to overcome these limiting beliefs so that you can move forward toward achieving your dreams and goals.

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Ever hear of anyone without specific goals that actually reach them?  Doubt it. 

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