Being a kick a** parent is hard.

See that woman in the picture above?  She looks like a good mom.  She's looks calm, collected, and she probably doesn't yell at her kids because they're perfectly behaved.  She's got it all together. 

But I don't. 

Lord knows I don't know what I'm doing.  And it's a little unsettling, because I want to be a really good mom.  So I geek out and read books.  Does it help?  Heck, yeah.  I figure, why not get the intel from experts who have studied this stuff for like, their entire careers?

I know you don't have the time, or energy, to read those parenting books.  Not to fear, my friend.  I've taken the complicated mumbo jumbo research and broken it down for you, bit by bit.  Easy peasy and perfect for real, everyday moms, like you and me.  Take what's meaningful to you and use the 411 to improve your relationship with your family and be the best parent you can be. 

Let's roll.

Parenting Issues?  Here's some of our best (and free) resources to help you out.

Parent Remix 50 questions to ask your teen son
eBay Course for Teens

Tired of grunts and "I dunno"?  Need something to spur conversation with your teenage son?  Opt in to get 50 hand-picked and FUN questions to ask him.  Tested on real teenage boys, these questions opened up conversations and gave us (and them!) more than a few laughs.  


Wouldn't it be great if your teen could earn their own money?  Let me help you teach them how to build their own business on eBay.  Easy to get started with little up front monetary investment.   Keep 'em busy while they're learning money smarts and entrepreneurship!


Want to work with your 4th-6th grade child on his or her writing skills?  Look no further.  Find one month's worth of super fun & engaging writing prompt worksheets.  Print and go!  


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