Writing Prompts for Kids: Get Their Creative Juices Flowing with One Month of Fun Writing Printable Worksheets

We received my 10-year old son's report card a few days ago.  His teacher's comments reflected lukewarm effort in his writing assignments and lackluster writing, in general. 

Disappointed?  Of course. 

Because I was behind the 8-ball this spring and didn't enroll him in any summer programs, I'm determined to work with him to improve his writing over the break.  I'm not a teacher but I figured that I could at least provide him with the opportunity to write.  At first, I was going to get him a journal and have him write in the journal.  After thinking about it, though, I decided that he probably needed something more structured.  I decided to create printables with interesting topics and fun writing prompts.  It's my hope that these worksheets will get my son thinking, get his creative juices flowing, and keep his brain active this summer.

You in?  If you'd like one month's worth (20 days of worksheets) of fun, engaging, and beautifully designed writing prompt worksheets for free, please opt in below.  Aloha!

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