Strengthen Your Mother-Teenage Son Bond: 75 Awesome Ideas for Activities to Do With Your Teen Son

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I'm a mom of a teenage boy, and I can say with certainty that it's really hard to tell how much my son wants me to be involved in his life.  For more insight into how we moms can better understand our teen boys, check out my post "10 Tips: How to Raise a Boy Right".  

Sometimes I'm at a loss as to what to do with my son when we have some unscheduled time together (very rare, but it does happen).  I researched online and found some cool ideas for moms and teen sons to do together.  Like our boys, one size does not fit all, and not all of these ideas will be his cup of tea.  Run the list by him or choose the ones that feel right.  Get going and spend that quality time together!  

Here's 45 ideas from the list:

1.  Go to the movies @ the theater

2.  Hiking

3.  Walk the dog.  Your dog will appreciate the exercise and scenery!  And not to mention you'll get some exercise and fresh air too!

4.  Jogging.  If your teen son is into sports, this is the perfect opportunity for you to exercise together.

4.  Laser Tag

5.  Video Games.  Ask him to teach you how to play his favorite video game.  

6.  Play H-O-R-S-E.  This is always tons of fun!

7.  Plan a Beach Day

8.  Play some old fashioned board games like Monopoly, Battleship, Pictionary, or Jenga.

9.  Go out for some fro-yo or ice cream

10.  Go on a bike ride together

11.  Play card games

12.  Cook a meal together.  Ask him what he'd like to make and go shopping for the ingredients together.

13.  Work on craft project together.  My middle school age son and I worked together to make a "Ping Pong Basketball" stand for his school's Market Day.  Check out the DIY step by step instructions here.

14.  Volunteer together

15.  Browse together at a bookstore

16.  Boogie Boarding

17.  Snorkeling

18.  Take a Day Road Trip.  No itinerary required!  Know where you're going, and just get in the car and go!  Stop to check out whatever looks interesting.  Consult Yelp for attractions along the way.

19.  Bowling 

20.  Mini golf

21.  Go-Kart Racing

22.  Horseback Riding

23.  Paintball

24.  Go to a Concert

25.  Get tickets to a performance at your local High School or Community College

26.  Plan a weekend "staycation".  Book a nearby hotel for the night and hang out at the pool, play hoops, and BBQ.  

27.  Batting Cages

28.  Golf Range

29.  Enter a Fun Run together for charity

30.  Go to a museum

31.  Go on a culinary tour

32.  Book tickets for a walking tour to learn about the history of your town.

33.  Zip Lining

34.  Get tickets for an Escape Room activity.  In our area, you can choose your adventure.  Then, you find clues to earn your way out of the room.  It's challenging but really fun!

35.  Go to a local sporting event.  Catch a high school or college baseball, basketball, or football game.  

36.  Carnival.  If your son doesn't want to ride the rides together, you can walk around and grab some carnival food!

37.  Jet Ski

38.  Star Gazing in the backyard or at Planetarium

39.  Play Tennis

40.  Take a guitar or ukulele class together

41.  Check out the dogs at a Dog Show

42.  Visit an animal shelter

43.  Take surf lessons together

44.  Indoor rock climbing

45.  Perform random acts of kindness together.  For a great article on why kindness matters and for some ideas on how your kids might go about performing random acts of kindness this summer, check out this article by the Thoughtful Parent entitled "Summer Acts of Kindness for Kids: Ideas for Developing Emotional Intelligence".

For more awesome ideas, get the entire list of 75 ideas by signing up below--you'll get six beautiful printable checklists to work your way through the entire list! 

Here's to building a strong bond with your teen son!  If you found this post helpful, or if you know anyone who could benefit from some ideas to bond with their teenage son, please share it with them!  Aloha!

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