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How Intrinsic Motivation Can Help You Raise Self Motivated Kids

8 Ways To Develop Self Motivated Kids

Are you a parent who resorts to "bribing" your kids to get them to do their chores, get better grades, and hustle at practices?  Find out how rewarding our kids with external rewards (money, video games, etc) can actually backfire.  Read the article for 8 ways to develop intrinsic (internal) motivation in your kids instead!

Slay Your Goals and Achieve Your Dreams:  Take the First Step in Goal Setting

Take the First Step in Goal Setting

Get 25 questions to get you thinking about your life, your purpose, and your dreams.  Take the first step in goal setting by reflecting on these questions to become completely self-aware.  

Your Roadmap + 10 Tips: How To Raise a Boy Right (and keep your Teen Boy Emotionally Healthy)

10 Tips to Raising a Boy Right Infographic

Parenting a teenage boy and worried about whether or not he is emotionally healthy?  Read the article for some concrete tips to help develop and protect your son's emotional health.  Also, find tips on strengthening the father-son and mother-son relationship!